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Shop 62 Castletown Shoppingworld

Where is Dumpling Dynasty?

We know this Floor Plan of Castletown will help you find us.

Address of Dumpling Dynasty, Castletown Shopping Centre
No excuse to miss us now.

If you haven’t experienced the taste of our Chinese dumplings then come and see us soon.

Our Chinese Dumplings Meals

  • China Sea Pork – just the name is exotic and taste-bud tingling.
  • Farmers Market Pork – a fresh and healthy taste with every bite.
  • Wild Lamb – heart Australian lamb with wild spices.
  • Farmhouse Chicken – introduce the tastes of Shitake and Chinese mushrooms.
  • Traditional Pork – the classic style dumpling.
  • Emperor Beef – a unique and charming herbal taste sensation.
  • Chinese Dragon – Fresh prawns with herbs and Chinese pepper to excite your senses.
  • Zen Vegetarian – bringing seasonal vegetables to your taste with shredded egg roll and herbs.

Chinese Meals and Dumplings Menu

All you have to do is
decide how you are going to excite your senses and choose one of them and pick your meal size.

Serves are –

6 or 8 or 12 pieces and are
priced at $8, $10 or $14
except for the Chinese Dragon
at $10, $12 and $16

See our full Menu here – Chinese Meals and Dumplings Menu